inspiration Paris , France

Ariel Higgins is an award winning oil painter and drawer and has been a working artist for twenty plus years.

Ariel began getting hired professionally to paint portraits of her friends children during her third year of studying painting at the Art Students League of New York. Eventually friends of friends began to hire her when they saw her paintings which opened the door to steady work as an artist. 

She has traveled extensively in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Ariel’s other artistic pursuits include writing children’s stories and water color illustrations of the stories which she hopes to publish. 

She is a life long reader and writer of poetry and a fan of journalism and politics.

Her artistic influences include Diego Velazquez, Antonio VanDyke,Theodore Gericault, Hermann Hesse, Pablo Neruda, TS Elliot, Hunter Thompson and last and foremost: Michael Grimaldi.

She also admires and looks at the art of old silent films. 

Ariel Higgins lives and works in New York City.

For more on Ariel please visit her blog page.